James Moder's heritage originated in Austria, where European artisans over a period of 250 years have developed and perfected the exclusive JRM Regal Crystal hand cutting and polishing techniques.

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James Moder: Crystal Chandeliers

James Moder is one of the premiere manufacturers of Crystal Chandeliers in the world.

Our founder's European heritage and the company's 45 year North American history continues to inspire our design creativity, technique, style and quality craftsmanship. Europe is where the international designer James Moder's heritage began, and where European artisans, over a period of 250 years have developed and carefully perfected the exclusive J.R.M. Regal™ Crystal Hand-Cutting and polishing techniques.

Dedication to quality

James Moder's long term dedication to provide the world market with Crystal Chandeliers, which above all exemplify unsurpassed quality, value in price, styling and ranges, continues to be our objective. High quality sources of Crystal components are used in our manufacturing process in Europe and worldwide. Brand names such as STRASS® Crystal from the renowned SWAROVSKI Company

of Austria are featured in our products.

Sold world wide

James Moder sells it's Crystal Chandeliers all over the world, including over 500 lighting showrooms in the USA and Canada. James Moder crystal chandeliers are designed and manufactured using the highest quality standards.

Excellency in materials

Excellent design, materials and technique are combined to makes James Moder Crystal Chandeliers a stylish addition to your home. James moder uses only the highest quality materials and devote precise attention to every detail. James Moder Chandeliers, garnished with the finest Crystal qualities, are identified with the permanently etched J.R.M.® logo on one facet of the Brilliant STRASS® Swarovski®, SPECTRA® Swarovski® and IMPERIAL™ Crystal sphere-- the signature of a quality James Moder Chandelier.

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